Franciscans of Uganda - Greyfriars | Wanda Matugga Health Centre
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Wanda Matugga Health Centre

The idea of constructing new health centre was born in 2013 in Matugga Catholic Parish run by the Franciscan Fathers. It was noticed that people in order to access health facility need to travel over 15km. Franciscan Fathers headed by the Parish Priest of Matugga; Fr. Male W. agreed on their meeting to mobilize funds and search for the place where new health centre could be constructed. With the help came Kampala Central Division Mayor; Mr. Charles Serunjoji who offered suitable land for purchase close to Matugga-Mabanda market on Semuto Road. In 2014, 3acres plot of land was purchased with the help of Fr. Stanislaw Strojecki from Germany and friends. In 2015 additional plots were bought for staff quoters. In the same year Franciscan Fathers approached Mr. Moses Kiwoma to make architectural and structural design of the new proposed health centre which were completed and approved by local authorities by end of the year.

First funds to start construction of the health centre came in 2017 from Franciscan Friary in Schwarzenberg/Germany and later were supported by Caritas Antonina Foundation from Italy. When construction was at standstill again friends of Fr. Stanislaw Nsubuga Strojecki from Germany made a tremendous contribution allowing to finish construction. The health centre was completed in 2018. In 2019/2020 facility was equipped with the grant from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland through Foundation Innovaid, coordinated by Mr. Andrzej Rzepecki and Fr. Marek Warzecha. The project included purchase of furnitures, computers, laboratory and medical equipment, operation theatre, ambulance, dental chair among others.

Health Centre was officially opened on 1st December 2019 by Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga and was given patron Dr Wanda Blenska (servant of God; missionary, physician, nursing teacher who worked over 40 years in Uganda with lepers), therefore newly opened facility took name of “WANDA Matugga Health Centre”. The Health Centre is owned by Franciscan Fathers and administrated by The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate with Sr. Joseph Mercy ad first administrator and and Dr Gelasius Mukasa as first Chairman of Management Board.