Franciscans of Uganda - Greyfriars | Spiritual Adoption
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Providing support for a specific child is possible through participation in the “Remote Adoption” Program handled by our missionaries in Uganda.

If you are interested in the “Remote Adoption” Program, please complete the following three steps: 

1. Contact Fr Jozef Matula OFMConv who is responsible for coordinating the adoption(email: 

2. Complete a written declaration and sign a consent to the processing of personal data then forward it to Fr. Jozef and our Administrative Office via e-mail. The necessary forms can be downloaded using the links provided below.  

3. Complete a bank transfer for the amount intended to pay for a child’s school in Uganda. 

Once our Mission in Africa completes all administrative steps and a specific child is enrolled in the financial assistance program for “Remote Adoption”, you will be notified immediately. We will also provide you with additional information about the “adopted” child. 

Links to download required forms: 
– Adoption Declaration 
– Consent to the Processing of Personal Data 
– Information Clause 

more information in polish on our Mission Office in Poland: