Franciscans of Uganda - Greyfriars | Munyonyo (Kampala City)
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Munyonyo (Kampala City)

The Kampala-Munyonyo is of remarkably high importance for the Church in Uganda. On its land is a tomb of St. Andrew Kaggwa, one of Uganda Martyrs who was killed here for his faith in Christ in 1886. He is a patron of catechists and leaders. Munyonyo is a place of many pilgrimages and prayer gatherings. We had been invited here by the Archbishop of Kamapla, His Grace Cyprian Kizito Lwanga in 2013, and we have been present in Kampala-Munyonyo, the capital of Uganda, since October 13, 2013. The first friars lived in a rented apartment in the vicinity of the sanctuary.

The friars made a lot of efforts to invite the Pope Francis to visit Munyonyo during his pilgrimage to Uganda. The Pope accepted the invitation and visited Munyonyo on November 27, 2015. During his visit in Munyonyo, the Pope blessed the cornerstone for the new church, which was taken from the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi. He addressed encouragement to the work of catechists and teachers, and planted a symbolic “tree of unity”. The Holy Father also blessed six other trees for Catholic and Anglican sanctuaries in Uganda, which was an important gesture of unity.

The Parish of Uganda Martyrs in Kampala-Munyonyo was established on October 23, 2016, and entrusted to our Order. One year later, on October 22, 2017, the construction of the friary of St. Francis of Assisi was completed. Finally, on October 28, 2017, the church was consecrated by the prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, His Eminence Cardinal Fernando Filoni.

St. Andrew Kaggwa – Catholic (30 years old) – Chief of Kigowa and Bandmaster General (bugle). He was a model catechist and teacher. Particularly detested by the Prime Minister, he was beheaded and hacked to pieces in Munyonyo. The place of his martyrdom and his memorial marker is within the boundaries of the Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine.

St. Denis Ssebuggwawo – Catholic (16 years old) – a messenger and a personal attendant to the King. He was beheaded in Munyonyo, after being struck down with a spear. He is noted for his zeal and modesty.
The place of his martyrdom is approximately 300m from the Shrine.

St. Pontian Ngondwe – Catholic (35-40 years old) – One of the palace guards, who was renowned for his faithfulness to duty. He died in the ceremonial opening of the death march in Munyonyo when he was speared and hacked to pieces. The place of his martyrdom is approximately 1.5 km from the Shrine (Kyamula).

Eucharist at the Basilica of Ugandan Martyrs:
MON-SAT: 7 am (Luganda-English)
SAT: 6 pm (Vigil Evening Sunday Mass in English)
SUNDAY: 7 am (Luganda), 9 am (English), 11 am (English) and 6 pm (English)

24h Eucharistic Adoration:
THUR: 7:30 am until Friday morning Mass

Songs of Praise and Worship:
THUR: 6:30-8:00 pm